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From 2002-04, MTN - part of the MTN Group, Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company, approached Who with requirements to supply 500,000 t-shirts as part of an overall promotional campaign. Incidentally, Who was able to offer an astute restructuring process by branching out and supplying the group with other items for promotion i.e. pens, watches, toothbrushes etc, thereby saving the group 25% in costs off the overall campaign.


Since the inception of this relationship, Mr. Izzy Saul has been referred and recommended to key business stakeholders in Nigeria, many of whom have been able to open numerous doors on a cross border basis. The nature of these relationships has equipped Who with a sharp dexterity with regards to finding the right products, from the right people and most importantly, at the right prices.


Currently, Who is working on a few high profile projects that involve supplying Nigerian Indigenous companies with commodities such as par-boiled rice, fertilizer, edible cooking sunflower oil, palm oil and sugar. Other international projects include the supplying of Ago, oil, gas, aluminum coil, trucks & trailers, machete hand held tools, and even bullet proof vests, boots, and mosquito nets.


Who has previously worked on several projects across international borders, including Nigeria, Ghana, and the Middle East. In particular, Who has worked closely with clients in Nigeria in the supply of crude oil. The success of this further consolidated the business relationship, and as such, awarded Who the status of 'preferred supplier' supplying substantial quantities of par-boiled rice, and many other commodities on a large scale basis. 

Mr. Izzy Saul, who is trusted to ensure quality and packing reliability, always carries out the inspection of commodities and products. SGS or Bureau Veritas, who provide further comfort and reliability at no extra cost to our clients, also carries out inspection.